Lindbergh Bay Hotel Reviews

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At the Lindbergh Bay Hotel and Villas, we welcome you with a warm smile and a complimentary cool rum punch that set the tone for the friendly, personalized hospitality you’ll enjoy throughout your stay. Our boutique hotel on St. Thomas has been family-owned since the 1950s, and we cordially invite you to enjoy a very special slice of the Caribbean. If you would like to learn more about the Lindbergh Bay experience, we welcome you to see us through the eyes of your fellow travelers by reading our hotel reviews. 

Hotel is a 10-minute walk from the airport; the airstrip is not that noticeable (very few flights); direct access to the bay; if you are a swimmer, this will be paradise; I swam around the airport point to the next beaches beyond; I swam across the bay, and back, to the sister resort with a bar and beach. Lindbergh side is rocky, beach begins a very short stroll away. Take drinking water with you or plan to get water soon after you arrive. Grocery store a 20-minute walk away. Safari buses for locals are cheap, dependable transportation, but not all safari-looking buses ARE Safaris (and charge more for tourists), so be sure to ask and ascertain what the vehicle is before boarding; you pay when you get off the bus. You need to walk to the end of the airstrip and across the street to a gas station to pick up a Safari bus, but it will take you around the island (there is a "high route" and "low route") for little fare. Take Safari to Red Hook to catch the ferry to St John, which is definitely worth a visit. Lindbergh has a little bar. Amy, the bartender, will take care of you and was contemplating starting snorkeling tours from the hotel. There is history there, with a cave that used to be a bar at the end of the point. I saw starfish and corals returning after the hurricanes. Tourists are afraid to take the Safaris and pay high prices for taxis instead, but I prefer to travel with the locals and found them all to be sociable and accommodating. A last hint for island life: Extend a greeting and a smile to locals, and they will relax and open up to you. It's all it takes. We got a lot of good recommendations from friendly locals while riding on the Safari buses. Always be respectful. Take lots of sunscreen.